In 2017, Megan was crowned Miss South Carolina USA becoming the third African American to capture the title. She spent her year serving her home state, speaking at churches and inspiring youth to keep God first in their lives. Megan went on to finish as a Top 5 finalist during the nationally televised Miss USA competition.  Megan also served as a national titleholder in 2014 as Miss Collegiate America (the first African American to be crowned.) More recently, she rounded out her pageant career and finished as first runner-up in the 2019 Miss World America competition. All that she learned while participating in pageants over the years, sparked her desire to write and self-publish her first book, The Ultimate Crown: Living for the Audience of One.  

Click SHOP to grab your copy! Her experiences also inspired her to begin a movement called- Living for One, where she encourages young women to develop their confidence, identity and faith in God. 


The Ultimate Crown: Living for the Audience of One was written in hopes to inspire young women (competing in pageants or not) to go out into the world boldly, confidently and knowing who they are in Christ. After competing at Miss USA on national television, Megan realized that receiving that level of attention from such a huge audience was nice, however, the audience she really wanted to live for was Jesus Christ. In addition to writing books, Megan enjoys blogging and creating Youtube videos to encourage people as well. To learn more about her journey, be sure to check out her book, read her blog and tune in to her weekly Youtube videos!

registered nurse

Megan is passionate about serving others. Nursing gave her the opportunity she desired to truly help people during their time of need. She graduated from Georgia Southern University (formally known as Armstrong State University, Go Pirates!) with her Bachelors of Science in Nursing degree. She has specialized in Pediatrics, Cardiac Care and now works in Pre-operative Surgical Services, helping patients from all over recover and reach their optimal health. 


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“Megan has unmatched drive and grit with a magnetic personality. She's a force of nature who is a pleasure to work with.”

-Meredith Dean, Ryan Seacrest Studios